Obama makes final push for Perriello

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) -  The terror concerns did not prevent President Barack Obama from making a stop in Charlottesville Friday night.  Thousands lined up to hear the President as he campaigned for Congressman Tom Perriello.

President Obama worked to stoke up the same energy and excitement that he did in 2008, for a congressional ally that needs to come from behind to win.

Believe it or not, tonight's event created an image that could be loved by hardcore Democrats and Republicans.   Tom Perriello, arm-and-arm with the President, is something that both parties can believe they can capitalize on.

President Barack Obama knows the stakes, and he knows that some of his closest allies in Washington could be in trouble.

"Folks who are operating in the best interest of their constituents," said Obama. "Sometimes they don't win."

That is a fate for Tom Perriello that President Obama clearly is concerned about. Perriello has taken tough votes for the President on health care and the stimulus.  Votes that have made constituents like Mark Lloyd think Perriello is fighting for the wrong people

"Tom Perriello listens to what Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama tell him to do." Said Lloyd a member of the Lynchburg Tea Party.

But the President painted a different picture of Perriello. One of a man not afraid to stand up to his Commander in Chief. A man democrats should work double time to get elected.

"When somebody like that has this has your back, do you have his back?" asked Obama.

It was a message received by Michelle Majorin.

"That's why we came down here, "she said. "To maybe spread some of the enthusiasm we saw tonight."

Enthusiasm Congressman Perriello believes, could make the difference.

"We had three times the amount of people and a lot of first time voters who said 'hey things didn't; change overnight was it really worth it'?"  he said.  "People say 'Hey, that might not have happened if we had been there in '08, maybe its worth it to go to the polls again.'"

And Republicans spent much of the day reminding the media about how risky this visit by the President was.

Their last press release prior to the start of the event was a link to an article by the Hill newspaper that quoted Virginia Beach incumbent Democrat Glenn Nye who said that he did not want the President to come and campaign for him.

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