Computer problem won't slow you down at the polls Tuesday

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We've found out that a computer problem will not slow you down when you vote next Tuesday. The State Board of Elections database experienced a slowdown earlier this week, but it's not the same system you'll be using.

The computers won't slow you down, but you may see long lines for another reason. As of Friday night, all of the voting equipment that will be used at polling places is ready to go.

Tested, sealed and under tight security. The voting equipment for Tuesday is under lock and key after thorough checks to ensure good working order come election day.

State Board of Elections Secretary, Nancy Rodrigues, wanted to clear up some confusion after a slowdown with the database that generates name lists for the polls.

"It has nothing to do with the voting equipment," said Rodrigues.

Worst case scenario says Rodrigues is that a voter may not find their name on the list which may have to do with when they registered to vote. There is a contingency plan.

"You will be able to do a ballot on paper that will be sealed in an envelope that will be brought back to the general registrar's office," said Rodrigues.

The electoral board will make sure those provisional ballots are counted. But what may slow voters down, other voters who didn't do their homework. 

Election officials urge people to read up on the proposed constitutional amendments before Tuesday to keep the lines moving. All polling places will have posters up with the information just in case.

"We also have brochures available however please read it before you get into the voter booth and that will speed up the process," said Rodrigues.

State election officials will work with registrars across Virginia this weekend to get those name lists printed and ready for the polls.

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