Tree crews busy with cleanup

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - One night of severe weather will take weeks to cleanup. Neighborhoods in Henrico and Hanover took the biggest hit, and the cleanup isn't over. Now that the storm's gone tree service businesses are busy cleaning up what the storm left behind.

Work hasn't stopped for these tree crews since Wednesday night.

"Very backed up, before the storm hit we were just a couple weeks behind. After the storm everything has gotten really hectic and crazy and the book is pretty much full, but we're taking in more work of course," said William Silver with shady Tree Service.

More work means good pay for Silver and his crew but with about 20 storm cleanup jobs on the schedule the days will be long.

"We're working pretty much 14 hours a day," he said.

The next couple of weeks will be physically taxing. But Silver says he got into this business in the first place because it is a service to help others in distress.

"Yeah, it plays on you a little bit you know. When you got people who can't do for themselves and you want to try to help them out as much as you can and get them taken care of so they're not in any kind of threat," said Silver.

It was a big job taking down Catherine Evans tree. Parts of it fell on her roof, and what remained was unstable.

"I was hysterical. Usually I don't go to pieces but I think just being by myself," she said.

By herself in the storm Evans is just relieved the crew came out so quickly.

"I was surprised they'd even be here today," Evan said. "It's a good tree service evidently, they said they'd be here at one and were here at 11, so I'm happy."

The crew wasted no time. There were other jobs lined up for the day. And forget about getting a break, these guys will be working through the weekend for the next couple of weeks.

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