NBC12 Viewpoint: Politifact Virginia

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In a few short days the election will be over and the political ads will come to a halt. But the politics will just be getting started.

Changes in leadership could mean an even more intense debate over critical issues. So if you think the political ads were negative, just wait for the next session of Congress. You will want a filter.

NBC12 has partnered with the Richmond Times-Dispatch on its new print and online service called PolitifactVirginia.

Assertions, claims and accusations by politicians, pundits and political parties will be carefully fact checked and graded on truth or lack thereof.

An ad or statement will be graded as true,  half true, barely true, false and even pants on fire untrue.

The intent is to help you navigate through the rhetoric. Each week NBC12 will feature one of these Politifact Virginia examples in our 4 p.m. news with Ryan Nobles.  And there will be many more examples online.

We look forward to the debate and your feedback. For more information go to www.NBC12.com, www.DecisionVirginia.com or visit www.PolitifactVirginia.com

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