Armed robber steals chicken from victim

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Punched, and robbed and the crooks only got away with a bag of chicken! It happened in Chesterfield, and right in front of a church!

A group of teens, armed with a gun, jumped another group of boys on Walmsley Boulevard. The group was walking down the street that's about a mile or so away from their home. They never thought they'd be robbed so close to where they live, especially not right in the shadows of a church.

When asked if he ever think that they might actually shoot him, robbery victim Marqieth Bonner said, "Yeah. It went through my head."

A walk home nearly cost 20-year-old Bonner and his friends their lives. As they headed home from the store they were confronted by a group of teens that tried to rob them.

"One pulled a pistol out on me and was like, 'Give me your bag,'" said Bonner. "And I had some food in it. I gave him my wallet and I was like, 'I don't have any money on me.'"

The teens were robbed right in front of the First Church of God and at a time when most of the neighbors across the street were likely home. Fortunately the crooks only made off with a bag of chicken and some empty wallets.

"My kids walk up and down this street every day," said Bonner's mother, Cheryl Taylor. "My daughter had been on this street about an hour earlier."

Taylor called 911 when her children told her what happened. She's been nervous for their safety ever since.

"They don't leave the house!" said Taylor. "If they need to go somewhere I take them. They don't walk to the store anymore."

And while he escaped unharmed, Marqieth had this advice for parents.

"Make sure you know where your children are and make sure they know of the dangers of being outside at late hours," said Bonner.

Police tell us that they arrested two people in connection with this crime but they haven't been charged just yet--they could not tell us why. Thankfully, Marqieth and his friends were not hurt.

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