Chesterfield family dog shot three times with BB gun

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A crime alert out of Chesterfield where someone shot a family's dog. The person toting a BB gun took aim at "Buddy", a little beagle, who is still recovering.

We first meet a fearful Buddy, on a towel spread out on the kitchen floor. Michelle and Aaron Fandrich are keeping him here because he continues to bleed.

"You can tell he's in pain. He walks with a limp. He's real cautious when he walks," said Aaron.

Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning Buddy was shot at close range with a BB gun.

"I knew that they could hurt you, but I didn't know that they could go that far in and cause internal damage," said Michelle.

Michelle says he was attached to the porch with an orange lead. A cruel person climbed into their gated backyard, and shot three BB's at buddy's groin.

"At first they thought it was two, but they took two different x-rays and on the second x-ray they found a third one," Michelle stated.

The family that lives paycheck to paycheck paid $300 for the x-rays that show those rounds near Buddy's organs. The family found the four-year old hunting dog abandoned about a year ago.

"He was just, he was covered with ticks from head to toe- and he was just sick," she said.

They cared for him, named him Buddy and worked to give him a second chance at life. Then this happened.

"I start getting emotional because he's scared. You know and he was already really timid before, and now he's a mess," Michelle explained.

Buddy will take medicine for the next 10 days. If the bleeding doesn't stop, surgery is next. Michelle is praying for a full recovery and an arrest.

"If you don't find them or if it doesn't scare them at least, then they're going to think it's funny to do it again," Michelle said.

Michelle and Aaron did file a police report. If someone is caught they will face animal cruelty charges and could pay restitution for the vet bill.

If you can help police with any information about this crime, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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