Richardson convicted; free on $5,000 bond

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The man charged with concealing and disposing of a dead body was convicted in a Richmond courtroom today.

Under a plea agreement, Alphonzo Richardson, 32, entered an Alford Plea to misdemeanor child neglect ad felony transporting a body. Under an Alford Plea, a defendant admits there is sufficient evidence with which the prosecution can likely get a guilty verdict.

Richardson said in July he helped get rid of Tameka Claiborne's body in an effort to protect her son. Her son was found roaming around a Chesterfield apartment complex.

He will make his $5,000 bond today and will go back to his family. He will be sentenced January 24, after Michael Solomon's trial January 10.

Solomon, Claiborne's fiance, is charged in the murder of Claiborne. Richardson said Solomon threatened to hurt the little boy and that's when he got involved.

He could face up to six years behind bars but the Commonwealth's Attorney is willing to ask for no jail time, if Richardson provides truthful testimony against Solomon.

Richardson is due back in court next month. Richardson's bond was denied two months ago. He was on probation for a marijuana charge in Texas but that detainer has been lifted.

Prosecutor Michael Herring believes Richardson's plea will strengthen the case against Solomon and intends to use Richardson's testimony to get a conviction against Solomon. Richardson was in Richmond jail for three months.

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