October 29: Restaurant Report

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Sometimes good restaurants attracts more than customers. In the case of two local restaurants, it also attracted some roaches. But the restaurants say the problem has been exterminated.

We start in Chesterfield at Jalapenos Restaurant, 13130 Kingston Avenue had 4 critical violations. The report says the inspector observed several live and dead roaches during the inspection. We spoke with the manager who tells us he has increased extermination from monthly to every other week now. No insects were found during a follow-up inspection two weeks later, Jalapeno's earned a perfect score.

The problem was not limited to Jalapeno's. An inspection report for Leone Pizzeria and Sports Bar, at 318 North 2nd Street in Richmond, noted live roach activity in the basement area. The restaurant had 4 critical violations. But the operator and the inspector report that they were all corrected while the inspector was still on site. A follow-up inspection report is not yet available.

In Chesterfield, Mystiq Masala at 13249 Rittenhouse Drive had 4 critical violations. The report says the dish washer failed to wash her hands after handling dirty dishes, and then touched clean dishes. The restaurant had no critical violations on a follow-up inspection. We contacted Mystiq Masala but did not receive comment.

There haven't been any problems reported at this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award winner. The Subway at 3605 Nine Mile Road has earned perfect scores on it's last four health inspections and has had no critical violations since 2008.

Don't forget this week is Restaurant Week. 28 local eateries are offering 3 course meals for $25.10. $2.10 of each meal benefits the Central Virginia Food Bank and Meals on Wheels. You can learn more on http://www.richmond.com.

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