Woman rescued from home after tree topples

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some scary moments for the residents of Carolina Avenue just as they were cooking dinner, chaos erupted.

"All of the sudden we see zoooooom and then the lights just went out! I mean just totally went out. We were just so shocked!" said resident Wendy Allen. "It just happened so fast. It was raining and the next thing you know the wind picked up."

Those gusts caused one woman to fear for her life as they toppled a tree.

"The tree it didn't even crack. It just look like something took it out of the ground and threw it on her house," said neighbor Shawnece Allen.

There were moments the woman trapped wasn't sure she'd get out. She tells me she was taking a nap when all of the sudden she was pinned and unable to escape the bedroom...now destroyed by Mother Nature's wrath.

A neighbor and family member came to her aid before the fire and police departments got to the scene. Amazingly, she was not hurt.

Across the street, more evidence of the storm's fury. On Highland Street a tree feel on power lines and is blocking the entire area. The wind snapped the tree as if it were a toothpick, leaving a twisted mess of branches and power lines.

Even though the damage in this area, does not seem as bad as it might be in some other locations Richmond fire is warning people tonight to be careful. There could be hazards that haven't been discovered yet. They are asking if you don't have to come here to the Northside or Meadowbridge area - stay away. 

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