Richmond's Northside suffers storm damage

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)-  People that live along the Brookland Park Boulevard corridor of Richmond say it sounded like a freight train blew through their neighborhood.  As it passed it took big massive trees and ripped their big branches off like a toy.

One woman was in her car as the winds blew through. She said tornados are her biggest fear.

In an instant, Valerie Paul's simple drive home turned into a really bad dream

"All of the sudden I couldn't see anything," said Paul. "There were tons of leaves blowing all over and a tree fell in front of me and a tree fell directly behind me."

Valerie's car was very close to being in a whole lot of trouble. Two big branches came crashing down, trapping a truck behind the debris.

And to make matters worse, Valerie was locked out of her house, unable to get into her basement and protection.

"Then I kind of broke into tears because I was on the phone with my husband," she said.

At that point, Valerie had survived the worst the storm was going to bring. She then assessed the damage, and despite some minor problems with her home, she realized she was very lucky.

"I was really just worried that something was going to come flying through the car or the tornado would be worse than it was and my car would go moving."

But that didn't happen and Paul is relieved.

"I feel a little blessed," she said with a laugh.

Valerie's story was a bright spot in an otherwise dreary and difficult night for many in Central Virginia.

Even though the damage in this Brookland Park area, does not seem as bad as it might be in some other locations, The Richmond Fire Department is warning people to be careful.

There could be hazards that haven't been discovered yet.  They are asking if you to stay away from the Northside or Meadowbridge area.

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