Nearly 100 homes and businesses damaged in Hanover county

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - In Hanover County, a tornado damaged nearly one hundred homes and businesses. The fast moving storm toppled trees and downed power lines near the Cold Harbor Road area of Mechanicsville.

Hanover authorities set up a command post to dispatch crews to assess damage. At last check, 75 homes and businesses saw some damage, mostly homes. All we heard from witnesses was "it sounded like a freight train."

From missing letters on the VFW post sign. To a branch lodged into the aluminum siding. Evidence of a tornado that was too close for comfort for George Wood.

"Just saw the thing, all the crap going up, debris going up in the air; sounded like a freight train coming through there," said Wood.

He didn't watch for long. He took cover with 15 others inside.

"I saw the thing coming. I ran like hell," said Wood.

About five miles northeast, more of mother nature's wrath.

"Just heard it ripping and tearing everything apart," said Randy Agee.

In the Travellers Run neighborhood, there was shattered glass, and deck furniture toppled over. A dog house on its side, a grill and a 7000 pound camper overturned. The camper belongs to Agee. He was loading his truck for a hunting trip when the winds kicked up.

"Got inside our half bath which was the most secure place I knew of," said Agee.

His camper landed halfway in his neighbor's yard. We caught up with Beth Liverman as the cleanup began. As she rounded up her dogs, the storm chased her inside.

"It was really scary. I felt like I was in a movie like Twister," said Liverman.

No one was hurt, but the frustrations mounted as people started putting dollar figures on the damage. Agee says his property alone could reach $20,000.

"I'm fortunate that all this stuff can be replaced," said Agee.

Hanover authorities say there was one injury from flying debris at an apartment complex not far from there. Right now the focus is assessing the storm damage.

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