Hopewell student suffers a concussion after a school fight

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HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) – Another local teen is hospitalized after a fist fight at school. It happened while students were changing classes at Hopewell High.

The teen who was transported to the hospital says he was attacked. The school calls it mutual combat.

The teen ended up unconscious on the floor in the hallway at school. His parents ask we conceal their identities. The 9th grader is recovering from a concussion as a result of the fight, which happened Monday afternoon.

"It was random. It came out of nowhere," said the teen.

He says he was walking down a hallway when another student cornered him against a locker and began punching.

"He had punched me and I punched him back, and one of his friends came on the side, and hit me, and that's when I blacked out."

The boy's mother is outraged.

"I'm upset it happened. I'm upset that no one has told me what steps are being taken to make sure this doesn't happen again," said the boy's mother.

School leaders say the matter is under investigation.

"We have teachers in the hallways but again it happened so suddenly they were unable to intervene before the young man got injured," said Neal Fletcher, Principal of Hopewell High School.

Fletcher says students being hit, bullied, or beat-up is unacceptable. He says fights at the high school are rare.

"We do all we can to make sure the safety of these children are not compromised while in our care. We do that by being vigilant, being in the halls and being on guard," said Fletcher.

Measures this mom says didn't protect her son. The principal says disciplinary action has been taken and that the school continues to investigate the fight. A criminal investigation is also underway.

A similar incident happened Monday morning at a school in Prince George County. A student who was airlifted to VCU Medical Center after being knocked unconscious by a classmate was released from the hospital Tuesday morning.

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