Halloween safety: Police will be out watching your children

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With Halloween just a few days away, hundreds of kids will hit the streets to trick-or-treat. But, the holiday is one where more accidents between walkers and drivers happens, than any other day in the year.

With kids in tow, mom Corrie Margaron knows Halloween can be fun and sometimes unsafe for her little ones. "It's hard. I have little children. Just the unknown."

So, for the second year in a row, Corrie and her family will be out trick or treating. But, just not on the sidewalks.

She's heading to a church event, on Friday night. "We can still dress up, have fun, get candy, wear the costumes, without the feat of going up to strangers doors."

With Halloween falling on a Sunday night, police departments are prepared for extra traffic on the roads and candy-hungry kids on the sidewalks. But, they are also concerned about the dangers your child could face.

"Kids are worried about getting candy not cars in the road. They are darting out into the road," says Lt. Daniel Minton with the Richmond Police Department.

That's the number one concern here in Richmond, keeping kids on the sidewalk. But, of course crossing the street is necessary at some point.

There are also those masks that kids wear. Some of them do look spooky, but they are proving to be a major safety issue. "Kids can't see out of it so it's a danger when he's crossing the street and can't see both ways," says Lt. Minton.

RPD sees more accidents on Halloween, between kids/walkers and cars.

Also, officers are seeing more people like Corrie, letting their kids have fun on Halloween, in a more controlled environment.

"We know what to expect. This isn't going to be any scary costumes or anything like that," adds Corrie.

Richmond PD says you can expect to see officers patrolling in each neighborhood on Halloween night.

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