Georgetown drug lab arrests

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – New information tonight on a drug lab raid involving the arrest of a freshman at the University of Richmond.

18-year-old John Perrone is one of three teenagers arrested in Washington DC after a drug lab was found in a Georgetown University dorm room. He was arraigned Monday afternoon. According to, he's being held without bond.

Perrone faces charges of conspiracy to manufacture and possession with intent to distribute. Students we talked to on campus say they're stunned by the news.

What started as a funny smell inside a Georgetown University dorm room turned into the arrest of three teenagers...including University of Richmond freshman John Perrone. 400 students were evacuated from their dormitory while hazmat crews cleaned up the scene. UR students say they have a hard time believing one of their classmates was arrested for something like this.

"I was completely surprised. You wouldn't expect that from a student here," said UR sophomore Emily Ahern.

Students on campus say drugs are not a problem at the University of Richmond but they say they are surprised a freshman could get himself in so much trouble this early in the school year.

"It's very surprising. You try and make a good impression your first year. To hear about that is surprising and disappointing as well," said Ahern.

"It shows us it might not be a U of R influence as much as that individual kid that is into that kind of activity," UR freshman Mark Massaro said.

Students say most people on campus aren't talking about the arrest. Some students say this doesn't accurately reflect what their school is like.

"From my experience that's not a good representation of our school at all. It stinks that that had to happen and that our name is tied to that story," Massaro said.

The University of Richmond says Perrone's dorm room was searched Saturday by local police after his arrest in DC but nothing suspicious was found. Police say Perrone was making DMT...a hallucinogenic drug. University officials say, if convicted, Perrone will likely face punishment from the university and could be expelled.

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