Student hospitalized after a school fight in Prince George

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) – A student taken to the hospital after being knocked unconscious during a fist fight at school. It happened Monday morning at NB Clements Junior High in Prince George County.

An investigation is underway to determine if either student involved in the fight will face charges. News of the brawl is raising concern among some parents and students.

A number of students witnessed the fight. Classmates say everyone is talking about it.

"The kid got beat up really bad. Truthfully, there are some kids who are really riled up about it," one student said.

It started around 9:30 Monday morning when students were changing classes. Two boys got in an argument. It quickly escalated.

"It turned into one student hitting another. The student hit his head and body on the floor -- they kept exchanging in terms of giving blows," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bobby Browder.

Staff broke up the brawl. The student who was knocked to the ground was unconscious. He was airlifted to VCU Medical Center.

Malake Williams attends the junior high school. He says fights are rare, but when they do happen they're intense.

"It's kind of scary. I just watch my back and have a couple of friends around me," said Williams.

His mother, Frances Jackson, is worried about safety in the school.

"Where's the security? Where are the teachers? What's happening? They should be taking care of our kids," said Jackson.

The superintendent of schools calls the incident, "unfortunate" and isolated. The student who was taken to the hospital is said to be doing well. The other student has been suspended for 10 days.

The school district says safety is a priority and that fighting or any type of violence on school property will not be tolerated. The school will determine if additional disciplinary action is needed. Police are also looking into the matter. Investigators say charges could be filed against one or both students.

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