Changes coming to Carytown

By: Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A major project to make Carytown even more attractive to shoppers and restaurant goers are in the works and it's something that could bring more money to the city.

Carytown as a destination; that's how Merchants' Association President Bob Broomfield hopes everyone will see this unique mile of style.

"We do everything we can to make Carytown a fun destination," he said. "A clean safe destination."

That includes some changes, or as Broomfield likes to think of them, improvements.

Take walking down the sidewalk.

Ever tried to cross the street, peaked your head over the parked cars and almost gotten hit?

Those days will soon be over.

A city grant is paying for traffic calming measures like sections of curb that pop out to make it easier to see and brick pedestrian cross walks.

One at Sheppard Street is already under construction.

Walking through the area is one of Elmer and Emily Ligh's favorite things to do.

"That's something that we've talked about a lot," Elmer said. "We enjoy the whole ambience and how it just changes everything when it's more of a walkable as opposed to cars driving by."

This area in front of Pink in Cary Court will be designated as taxi, limo and shuttle pick up and drop off.

It will make it easier for folks without access to their own vehicles to also come to Carytown.

Then there's the new information kiosks that will post a directory of the hundreds of locally owned shops and restaurants so you, and any tourists, can easily find exactly what you want.

"Whenever I ask my friends to come to Richmond they're always like: well, what's in Richmond?" Elmer said. "When I go to visit them in the big cities you can step outside and everything is there. We have that in Richmond too ya know, in Carytown."

There are also several new businesses opening up in the coming months and as we first reported this week the Kroger is planning to expand.

The new facility will be almost double in size.

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