"The Tickler" hits the UR campus

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A late-night intruder has hit the University of Richmond campus. Early Tuesday morning a college student reported someone touching her in the middle of the night but the perpetrator got away.

Just this past September a similar incident happened to another sleeping student. It's becoming sort of a joke between the students since the intruder isn't really hurting anyone, but not everyone's laughing.

"This is our home," said victim, Colby Sheffer. "I've never not felt safe here until Monday."

Sheffer is still a bit shaken up ever since someone broke into her University of Richmond apartment and touched her while slept in bed.

"I woke up to somebody touching my face near my eye and I jerked awake and was really disoriented," said Sheffer.

The intruder ran down the stairs and out the front door before she could get a good look at the person. News of the incident has spread through the campus. Some students found it funny and have even nicknamed the intruder.

"The Tickler," said one student. "It's The Tickler because he's a tickler! There's a tickler on the University of Richmond campus! It's just a silly concept. He's not doing anything he's just tickling people. Nothing very harmful, he's just tickling and just runs out!"

Even though students find it funny, the girl it happened to and campus officials don't find this to be a laughing matter. They're taking this very seriously and looking for the person responsible.

"It's not anything to be taken lightly," said UR spokesman, Brian Eckert. "I mean the fact that somebody hasn't been seriously injured is a good thing."

"It's connotation is humorous like you just want to laugh it's just ridiculous," said Sheffer. "But you don't know that (it's not) until you experience it."

Sheffer was not hurt in the incident but she encourages all students to make sure their doors are locked at all times to prevent "the tickler" from coming to their apartment. UR police are of course investigating this incident and the one from last September. Unfortunately because they were fast asleep, the victims have no idea if the intruder is a man or a woman.

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