Abandoned cats at Chesterfield trailer park

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A good Samaritan is trying to save dozens of abandoned cats and kittens in a closed trailer park.

Residents of Youngs Mobile Home Park near Route one and 288 moved out when the park closed in September but many of them left their cats behind. But in this 65 lot trailer park the cats outnumbered the bags of food Christina Welch can afford.

"They looked so pitiful and they were so hungry, I was carrying food and they were following me around it was really devastating," said Welch.

Heartbroken, Welsh took action.

"I contacted Richmond Hero and they have helped out tremendously," said Welch.

Animal activist Sheila Morgan of Richmond Hero, trapped a total of 12 cats in one afternoon.

"This is the last thing I needed to take on right now, I'm just overwhelmed with so many calls but I just couldn't walk out and leave them," Morgan said.

Eight of them were spayed and neutered thanks to the Richmond SPCA, three kittens were taken in by the Chesterfield Humane Society and one -- the skinniest and sickliest -- has already found home with Welch.

"The sad part that really breaks my heart, the cats were more or less staying at the trailers where they once lived no knowing what was going on," said Morgan.

"Richmond Hero" is fostering eight of the 12 cats rescued. They hope to adopt them out soon. They're biggest fear are for the cats that are still out there. They say domestic cats can turn feral and multiply quickly.

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