Volunteers to pick up trash along the Appomattox River

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Some volunteers are set to clean up a big mess caused by litter bugs on the Appomattox River.  You may remember images of trash dumped at the bottom of Lake Chesdin.  Well, as water levels rose, so did the garbage and now a group is going to pick it up.

Saturday morning, volunteers will walk the shoreline of the Appomattox and parts of Lake Chesdin. They will be looking for litter. It harms the environment and the wildlife.

Dinwiddie fisherman William Hawkins is prepping for a great day on Lake Chesdin.

"Bass fish, crappie fish," explains William Hawkins as he drops his boat in the water.  "You know, anything that bites."

He's ready to reel in a big one -- just not a big pile of junk. You see, on the shore sits the sole of a shoe, plastic and aluminum containers.

What is the kind of litter you've seen? "Mostly the worm cups, and stuff like that," said Hawkins. Any cans or coolers? "Cans, coolers, life jackets. stuff for boats."

Photos sent to NBC12 detail what has lurked under the lake for so long. As it re-filled, the litter rose to the surface.

"It makes me kind of angry because I don't like to see dirty water in our way here," he said.

On Saturday, Friends of the Lower Appomattox River will take action. Volunteers will pick up garbage along the river which feeds into Lake Chesdin and eventually to the James River.

William knows it's because of their yearly efforts the Appomattox continues to glisten.

Volunteers will only be able to collect trash that has washed up on the shoreline.  Twice a year for the last nine years these volunteers have been cleaning up the Appomattox River.

Details on the cleanup:

Fall Appomattox River Cleanup planned Saturday

Volunteers are needed for the Fall Appomattox River Cleanup planned for this Saturday, Oct. 23. This regional effort is cosponsored by The Friends of the Lower Appomattox River, or FOLAR, the cities of Petersburg and Hopewell, and Richard Bland College. Cleanup activities will be held at four locations along the Appomattox River in the Tri-Cities Area from 9 a.m. until noon. Registration at each of the following sites will begin at 8:30 A.M.

  • Campbell's Bridge Petersburg and Chesterfield County (from Virginia State University/Chesterfield Avenue to the trails along the Appomattox River)
  • Johnson/Squaw Alley area Petersburg
  • Appomattox River Regional Park Prince George County (behind the Riverside Regional Jail)
  • Lake Chesdin Boat Ramp Dinwiddie County

Each year, billions of tons of trash end up in rivers, streams and other waterways. This litter is very harmful, especially to wildlife. During the Fall 2009 Appomattox River Cleanup, volunteers collected more than 70 bags of trash, numerous tires and other hazardous items from the Appomattox and its tributaries in a three-hour period.

For more information, contact Victor Liu at 804-861-1666.

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