NBC12 Viewpoint: Junior Achievement program

No doubt you have heard of The Junior Achievement program. JA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate students about their future as workers and consumers.

Much of the work focuses on middle and high school students to prepare them to manage their personal finances and navigate workplace issues.

This past week Junior Achievement sponsored a program called Empowered Through Ethics. Nearly 150 business owners and managers had the opportunity to talk to a local high school class for an hour about the importance of business ethics.

I was fortunate to spend an hour with students in a business management class at Hermitage High School in Henrico County. The assumptions I had about the need to explain the role of personal ethics in business were quickly dispelled.

The students were prepared and engaged. They asked great questions and the discussion was lively. The hour went by quickly. At least for me.

If those students are any indicator of our future, and I believe they are, we have a savvy generation of business leaders coming. Which is good because our country will have intense competition in the global marketplace.

For more information about the Junior Achievement Empowered Through Ethics program visit www.JAToday.org. Get ready America. The next generation wants your job.