Teen recognized for heroic action

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) – Michael Dudley, the former Thomas Dale High School student who took a bullet while trying to rescue a woman at Pietro's Pizza was recognized for his heroic action.

At the Chesterfield County police department's 2010 awards ceremony, Dudley and others were honored.

Michael Dudley received a standing ovation from Chesterfield's finest as he walked up proudly to accept his recognition.

"Yeah, I'm honored I guess because I never expected to get an award like this but it's happening now, so I'm glad I'm here," said Dudley.

Almost four months ago, Dudley was just leaving Pietro's Pizza when he saw a woman being beaten. Dudley intervened and was shot. The woman he tried to save -- was shot as well. She didn't make it.

"The one thing that's never out of my mind is the moment he pulled that gun on me. I can't explain it how scared I was, my whole body was freezing feeling you can't even explain, that's the only memory that won't ever go away," said Dudley.

A family driving by saw Dudley with his hands up then watched him get shot. When the suspect took off, the family followed. June and Brenda Lucy were also recognized for what they did.

"We followed and when we saw him throw the weapon away. That's when we really realized the impact that we were going to have," said Brenda Lucy.

Thanks to their help police found the weapon that led to the arrest of Richard Parker. He's charged with shooting and killing his wife and wounding Michael.

"Feels real good to be honored for something you'd normally do anyway," said June Lucy.

Chief of Police Colonel Thierry Dupuis even commended Michael for what he did.

"He stood up for somebody he didn't even know and wouldn't it be a nicer place in the world if everyone would do something like that," said Dupuis.

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