Woman evicted after rent money stolen

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Her daughter's ashes were stolen from her home, now one Richmond mother might find her family out on the street.

Last night we introduced you to Margaret Jackson. Her story is heartbreaking. Crooks stole her 11-day-old daughter's cremated remains when they broke into her home last weekend. They also got her past-due rent money -- and now her landlord wants her out!

Margaret is only behind for this month but her Brookfield Gardens landlord has just seven days to move out on her own or the sheriff's office will put her out. After reviewing court documents we found that it's completely legal.

"I only want my daughter's remains because it's really taking a toll on me and I'm trying to keep this barrier up but it's coming down," said victim, Margaret Jackson.

Just one day later there's still no sign of an urn containing Jackson's daughter's cremated remains. They were stolen from her home last Sunday along with electronics and her past due October rent money. Then, Wednesday just after we interviewed her she found an eviction notice on her door.

"I'm just putting one foot forward trying to make sure that me and my kids won't be without a shelter over our head," said Jackson.

An attorney with the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society tells us that Margaret Jackson doesn't have a case. According to Virginia law, once an eviction notice has been served there's no turning back.

"What I think this case indicates is two things," said attorney, Marty Wegbreit. "One I think it indicates how unjust Virginia Landlord Tenant Law really is and second I think it shows the lack of mercy that many landlords show to their tenants."

According to court documents Jackson was late with rent three times. Twice in June and September, but she paid in full before she had to appear in court. And then again for this month. The law allows a tenant to be evicted within 72 hours if the landlord gets permission from the court after a tenant is late a second time. Thankfully Jackson believes she found a place that will let her move in before it's too late.

"Because regardless of how my credit was and the situation now with me getting evicted she told me don't worry about nothing," said Jackson.

Margaret is waiting to find out if she's approved to move in to this new place. Many of you have offered to help and a local organization is working to setup a fund at a local bank where you can donate money, we'll keep you updated.

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