INTERVIEW: Meet the Candidates: Floyd Bayne

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Our next guest in the meet the candidate series is Floyd Bayne. The independent running in Virginia's 7th Congressional District.

Bayne is hoping to topple the long-time incumbent Eric Cantor.

RYAN: Would you describe yourself as a Tea Party candidate?

FLOYD BAYNE: Absolutely. I believe very strongly in the principles of the Tea Party.

RYAN: And why is it that Eric Cantor is not the right candidate for the Tea Party?

FLOYD BAYNE: Well, if you believe in limited government and if you believe that the constitution specifically spells out what the federal government is responsible for, then Eric Cantor's voting record is replete with examples of growing the federal government and deficit spending and just spending us into the mess we're in now. They want us to think this is all [President Barack] Obama's fault and forget what they did eight years under [President George] Bush, but the fact is, both Republicans and Democrats have helped put us into this mess.

RYAN: So do you not consider yourself a Republican at all?

FLOYD BAYNE: No, I used to vote Republican quite a bit, but frankly, in the last few years, I haven't seen where there's much of a difference between the two parties, and I'm just tired of wasting my vote on Republicans.

RYAN: So realistically, what is your goal for this campaign?

FLOYD BAYNE: My goal is to win.

RYAN: How can you do that, though, realistically? Eric Cantor has over $5 million and even your democratic opponent has over $80,000. How can you compete with that?

FLOYD BAYNE: Word of mouth. We're getting the word out, more track in the news all the time, more people finding out about me, going to my website. Part of the reason I'm doing the campaign the way I am, it's very fiscally conservative and I don't want to spend as much money as those guys are. It shouldn't be about who's got the most money, it should be about who's got the best message in how do you get that mess same out? Certainly signs help, news coverage being able to run commercials and that sort, but I found the biggest success we've had has been with word of mouth, vs. One guy talks to ten guys and each of those talk to ten guys and spread the word.

RYAN: It would be a dramatic upset if you were successful in November. How can you convince me other than showing me a poll that shows you ahead that you realistically have a shot on November 2nd?

FLOYD BAYNE: Well, we have run the numbers and you probably already know this, but 65% of the voters in this district are conservative/Republican. It's been gerrymandered to be that way, so even if Mr. Cantor and I split the vote right down the middle, the Democrat still doesn't have enough to win, so the race comes down to me and Cantor. So then it comes down to do you want a Republican or do you want a conservative? And Mr. Cantor's not a conservative.

RYAN: Now I guess this isn't the case so much in your case, but in other Tea Party races, the Tea Party insurgent has the opportunity to actually put the Democrat into office. Do you think that's an appropriate way for the Tea Party to be acting in different places around the country where this could theoretically put a Democrat into office?

FLOYD BAYNE: In some districts that may be the case. Again, here in the Southern states it's not and we've run the numbers that can prove that. I think both parties need to be challenged, they need a wake-up call. They're not listening, they're more interested in what the party hierarchy wants than they are in what the people want. They're more interested in advancing their own personal careers than they are in adhering to the constitution. So, yeah, if that's what it takes is a slap upside the head by letting the Democrat get in office, then so be it.

RYAN: All right, Floyd Bayne, we'll have to see how you do an election. Night thank so much for being here.

FLOYD BAYNE: Thank you, appreciate it.

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