Henrico police targeting school bus stop violators

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This week, Henrico Police are stepping up patrols at school bus stops to make sure you and your children are safe as they wait for the bus.

It's a problem they are seeing the county. So, this National School Bus Safety Week, officers are patrolling the most problem-prone areas.

We were out with the police along Hungary Road early this morning. All the cars did exactly what they should do-- stop in both directions when the bus stops. That's because there is no median dividing the road in that particular spot.

A few blocks down the road, we found the same thing -- no problems.

Although our cameras did not catch any bus stop violators this morning, Henrico Police have been busy writing tickets this week.

Police set up shop today, right next to Carol Settle's house. "It makes us feel safe. It's nice they are here, looking out for the children this morning." This mom says driving around town, she sees cars running the stopped red bus lights, often.

Henrico Police are targeting problem areas like along Hungary Road, where there is no median and you must stop on both sides. The same was true in a subdivision down the road.

"If you were to pull up to the intersection we are at now, all four corners have to stop when that bus pulls up," says Sgt. A. J. Gordon, with Henrico Police.

Bus drivers fill out complaint forms if they see a problem. Then the police come out and check out these stops.

A total of 33 reckless driving tickets have been given out by Henrico Police so far this year. There were 36 given out last year.

"People are in a hurry, not paying close attention," says Sgt. Gordon. "Our judges here in Henrico County take a zero tolerance to this type of violation. There's no excuse to run the red lights of a school bus."

If you do, it could mean up to a $2,500 fine, time in jail, a suspended license and even six points on your license.

Also, don't expect police to stop patrolling after this week. It's a year-long push to keep your kids safe.

"I think it would be great for them to be around at the school bus stops, to make sure the kids are safe," adds Carol.

If you are at home and see a violation, you can call Henrico Police directly. Then, the department will send someone out to check out the stop and see if they find any problems.

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