Cremated remains stolen during home burglary

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond mother wants her baby's ashes back! A crook broke into her home and stole her keepsake urn most likely thinking it was a jewelry box. This happened last Sunday on the 1700 block of Roane Street.

The woman knew of several burglaries that happened in her neighborhood recently but never thought she'd become a victim. She already lost her daughter once, but is now forced to relive that pain again after losing her a second time.

"Words cannot explain the way I felt," said burglary victim, Margaret Jackson. "I was speechless, heartbroken, like somebody took my soul away from me."

Jackson is describing the exact moment she realized that someone had stolen something she considered to be worth more than life itself. This past Sunday her home was burglarized and the crook stole an urn containing her daughter's cremated remains.

"I just broke down crying," said Jackson. "I just couldn't believe out of all things they would take they would take that. This was my first born child. I carried her for nine months. I grew a bond to her."

A photo shows Margaret's daughter, Jania the day she was born. 11 days later, she suddenly died of heart complications. Margaret kept Jania's remains on a shelf for the past six years. And even though the crooks stole her electronics, her weapon and the only money she had left to pay her November rent, the remains are the only things she wants back.

"They had no idea what was inside of that box and I'm just thinking to myself that I hope that they didn't throw them away in disregard of that like it was nothing," said Jackson. "Because it means everything to me and has no value of whatsoever to them. I'm thinking that they were thinking that they were jewelry boxes, maybe it had jewelry in it. I just pray for them. I forgive them but I would like for them to bring my daughter back."

Jackson is asking that whoever took her belongings to just return the urn no questions asked. Other than that urn she and her boyfriend have just a couple photos of their daughter. If you know anything about where it could be you can make an anonymous call to crime stoppers by calling 780-1000.

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