Science museum to unveil new eyeball cover

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) –The Science Museum of Virginia wants to use your eyes to watch its eyeball.  Starting Wednesday, visitors will once again be able to see the eyeball covering for the massive Kugel ball in front of the museum.  The original wrap was stolen early this month.

The museum director told NBC12 the manufacturer actually gave them a discount on the new wrap because of the incredible news coverage.  Now he wants the public to help them keep a closer eye on their very own eyeball.

Science museum director Richard Conti said the theft of the $4000 cover was incredibly frustrating.

"It was a real proverbial poke in the eye so to speak," he explained.

But if the specially made eye wrap could talk, it would say "I'll be back!"  Wednesday the museum will unveil a brand new cover.

That's good news to Matthew and Jack Bruins who came by to see the goosebumps exhibit that giant eyeball was promoting.

"That's wonderful to hear," said dad Matthew.  "I can't wait to see it."

This time around the museum is working to keep a better eye on its eyeball.  Conti said they've turned on more cameras and could have those video feeds available online.

Even NBC12 is helping out with the security efforts.  One camera on the roof is part of our Arby's Weather Net system.  The museum is going to use it as just another eye in the sky.

Conti is also asking for ideas from the public.

"Maybe some folks have some good ideas or some technology or something like that can keep the eyeball in place at least for ten or 11 days," he said.

Matthew Bruins thinks Capitol Police could step up patrols on the grounds.  His 13-year-old son wants to get a little more creative.  He wonders if the wrap could be attached with a magnet.

"If the magnet is big enough it would probably have more strength of keeping it together and probably be harder to take it off," he said.

There's a contest involved.  You can post your ideas to the museum's Facebook page.  They'll randomly select one of those suggestions and the winner will get a brand new iPod.

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