Doggy door used to break into home

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BON AIR, VA (WWBT) - They're not smashing through windows or even picking locks in this case. Crooks are breaking through the doggy door to get inside! It happened recently in the 8700 block of West Bon View Drive, in Chesterfield. Now, one neighbor there is hoping his extensive security measures will prevent crooks from breaking in to his home.

That neighbor has installed several cameras in the neighborhood to take pictures of the bad guys. He wouldn't tell us where but says he wants the bad guys to know that's he's watching.

"She's missing some wine out the refrigerator," laughed neighbor Wes Stigall.

Wes Stigall might be laughing now but what happened just 2 doors down from his Bon Air home is no laughing matter. Someone broke into this home and tonight all the neighbors are on edge.

The burglars broke in through a doggy door in the back of the home and stole wine from inside the fridge. Stigall hopes cameras that he's posted nearby will catch images of anyone trying to break in again.

"If someone comes in there will be a picture taken," said Stigall.

These motion sensing cameras might not have caught the doggy door burglars but Stigall uses them to keep an eye on the neighborhood. And just in case, the experienced hunter also has a backup plan. There's no doggy doors on his property but his dogs roam the yard to keep him aware of anyone who's not supposed to be there.

"I will defend myself," said Stigall. "With my dog and other necessary means."

He wouldn't tell us where those cameras are placed in case the crook is watching. He did, however, have one message for the person responsible.

"You will get caught if you continue. You will get caught and that's not to be challenged. It's fact," said Stigall.

He's had things stolen from his property as well a while back. Since having the cameras installed he's caught photos of mostly deer running around in the neighborhood.

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