Teacher incentive program to begin in Richmond

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - City of Richmond Schools will be getting a big grant of nearly $7 million for teachers and principals. Now the challenge is to determine what schools will be involved and what teachers will be part of the program.

Some of these teachers and principals, working inside the walls of Richmond City Schools, could soon be getting a boost in their paycheck.

The nearly $7 million coming to Richmond is part of the school for excellent initiative, a big grant from the US Department of Education.

For the next several months, school leaders will be working to determine what schools will be involved in the program.

We're told that decision will be made based upon the schools in the district that are hard to staff and those that are most in need.

Then, School Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Brandon and others will see who's interested in the program and extra money.

"After that we will go to the school and entire school population because we have to determine the capacity interested in this commitment. This is a big commitment," Dr. Brandon said.

Ultimately, those involved would go through hundreds of hours of preparation.

Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, each teacher involved could get up to $7,500 in bonuses, each year, for four consecutive years.

"We are trying to change brown grounds to green grounds. It needs to be a significant number of people in that school to be part of this program," Dr. Brandon said.

Right now, there is enough funding for about 300 teachers from eight schools to be involved in the program.

School leaders will look to mainly get teachers already in the school district involved, but they will also recruit from outside the district.

Teachers that are part of the program and teach hard to staff subjects like math and science would get some extra money in the program, too.

Really, the ultimate goal here is have the certified teachers in each school mentor other teachers in each school, in order to better the experience for your children in the coming years.

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