People want Chesterfield to clean up trash at vacant home

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – People say one house in the Hunting Creek Hills neighborhood used to be the prettiest one on the block. But come walk to the side of the house and you will see dozens trash bags. They've turned it into an eyesore. People say this has got to be a health hazard.

A pile of black trash bags with a mysterious, lingering stench is never good.

"What's in these bags? I'm not... I'm not going to look," said neighbor Wanda Jacobi.

For 23 years Wanda Jacobi has walked out of her house and seen the one next door. In the last month her nostrils have been hit with a pungent smell.

Melissa Correa: "You know it's cooler today, but you were telling me on the hottest days?"
Wanda Jacobi: "It stunk. I mean it was bad. You couldn't stand over here in this area. And if the wind blew that way (gestures to her house) I'd smell it when it came out my door."
Melissa Correa: "How would you describe the smell?"
Wanda Jacobi: "Like a landfill or a huge dumpster behind a restaurant."

The owners cleared out about a month ago. Instead of chucking their trash they tucked it into a corner. Neighbor Jean Moore experiences the unpleasant aroma every day.

"And all the flies keep coming in the house. I'm having a terrible time with bugs and flies," said Moore.

The smell doesn't only come from the trash outside, people say there's a disgusting stench inside. Some of the windows are open, so on a windy day the entire neighborhood is forced to get a whiff.

"I've called the health department so many times," said Jacobi. "They've even been out here."

After a phone call, we learned the county health department sent the homeowner a certified letter Friday. Ten days must pass before the environmental division can schedule a clean-up.

"And this was the nicest house in the neighborhood," said Jacobi. (How would you describe it now?) "Pigsty."

Now neighbors are also trying to get help from the mortgage company. This property needs to be disinfected. But they've been told it's going to take a while. The county says the house is in foreclosure.

If you want to report trash in Chesterfield, call 748-1691.

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