New information on rapid GRTC bus lines

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This week, there are two meetings scheduled in Richmond for you to learn more about, and give your opinion on, a rapid bus transit line that would run up and down parts of Broad and Main streets.

Today, we learned new information on what will be talked about at these meetings.

Sometimes it's a battle between bus and car. But that battle may soon be over. GRTC is looking at a rapid bus line along parts of Broad Street.

It comes not a moment too soon for bus rider Tawanda Griffin. "That way they don't have to worry about cars and other vehicles getting in the way."

NBC12 obtained an animation of what GRTC leaders hope will soon become reality. This animation was given to us earlier this year.  "Think of it as a train, without the tracks," says GRTC leader John Lewis.

An updated plan will be unveiled this week, with a bus line running from Willow Lawn down to Rockett's Landing. Those two locations would be the main terminals. In between, there would be about 10 stops.

We have learned the plan right now for these new bus stops is similar to what you're seeing on Broad and 9th streets. You're able to see here what bus is coming and when it'll get to the stop. These new stops will also have covered areas, as well as benches for you to sit on. And, you'll even be able to buy a ticket right at the bus stop.

Janet along with Tawanda are big fans of these new boards possibly coming to the bus stops.

"For convenience for people who need to be at work on time and other people waiting for the bus. They can just come right here," adds Janet Battle.

Also, leaders are looking at making bus only curb-side and center lanes. That would mean one lane of traffic along broad street would no longer be used for cars.

"It's a bottleneck for us in operations. It's inefficient and there's a better way of providing public transportation along that corridor," says Lewis.

Now it's up to you to speak up, but this is one idea many we talked with are big fans of already.

The meetings scheduled:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 6-8 PM at the DMV in Richmond on W. Broad Street.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 6-8PM at the Main Street Train Station on E. Main Street.

At both meetings, you will see a presentation at 7 PM. You will also be able to give your opinion.

For more information on the rapid bus transit idea on the table, click on this website:

The public comment period on this idea runs through Friday, November 19.

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