Scabies confirmed at Dinwiddie Elementary school

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - The contagious skin disease, scabies, is going around. It's cropped up at two local schools and some parents are angry they're just finding out about it. 

Two cases have been confirmed at Dinwiddie Elementary School and one case was reported at Dinwiddie Junior High.

One parent said she found out on Facebook, that's why it's so upsetting. She says Dinwiddie Public Schools should have already sent out letters to parents. After my calls, letters will go out by the beginning of next week.

This Dinwiddie mom wanted to remain anonymous. She has two school-aged children. One goes to Dinwiddie Elementary, where two confirmed scabies cases popped up last month. She just found out this week through another parent's Facebook posting.

"I was very disturbed," said the worried mother.

She says warning letters should have gone out the moment scabies was confirmed in the school. 

"If my kid goes to school and he comes home with it, then I'm going to have to take off time from work to take him to the doctor. It's something that could have been prevented," said the mom.

Just today the Crater Health District got wind of a third scabies case. This one at Dinwiddie Junior High. Since it was just reported and not yet confirmed by a doctor, it remains under investigation.

Dinwiddie School Officials said the Crater Health District didn't feel it was necessary in September to send parents letters. Louise Lockett began drafting one after our interview.

"At the health department we consider three cases that are linked somehow either through time or proximity as something we really want to follow up on, but it also depends on the condition too," said Lockett.

Scabies is a contagious disease caused by mites and is spread through direct skin contact. The incubation period is two to six weeks.

"They would feel like an intense itching, usually around body parts that have a fold like the webbing of your fingers, armpits," said Lockett.

School buses are being disinfected. This mom is watching for symptoms.

"I'm asking my kids every day do they itch."

A prescribed lotion is the remedy. Lockett said people can usually return to work or school after one day of treatment.

We're told parents with children in the affected classroom at Dinwiddie Elementary should receive a letter by next week.

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