Kitten makes remarkable recovery after fire

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A severely burned kitten has won the hearts of the entire SPCA staff with its remarkable story.

The kitten survived a house fire in Richmond last week - but its owner, who lost his home, couldn't afford to pay the medical bills or keep the little guy. Now "Phoenix" as they call him, is up for adoption.

During a frightening house fire last week on Appomattox Road near Byrd Park, the homeowner told us he couldn't find his third cat. The next day, little Phoenix came back and was immediately taken to the animal hospital.

"He had a great many burned areas right around his eyes which we have kept moisturized," said Robin Starr of the SPCA.

Under his feet, Phoenix's pads were all severely burned. The ends of his ears were burned to a crisp in the fire.

"He was very sad looking at first, I mean he looks crusty now but it was sad at first because he had to have a lot of ointment and so he looks kind of gooey, it was sad looking at first," said Starr.

The vet bill exceeded a thousand dollars. The owner reluctantly gave him up.

"He realized that the care Phoenix was going to need was beyond his capacity to pay for and in addition to that he didn't have a home anymore," said Starr.

Now under the care of the veterinarians at the SPCA there are already several staff members on a waiting list to take Phoenix home.

"It's wonderful how people really love to be a part of saving a little animal like this," said Starr.

It'll be a few weeks before he's fully ready for adoption.

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