Government Reform Committee issues report

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A committee looking for ways to save your tax dollars and reform state government -- issued its recommendations to the governor today. The report was issued late this afternoon.

The 87 page report has more than 107 recommendations for change. Handpicked by the governor, the committee spent the summer, looking for ways to save taxpayer money. Of course, one of the proposals it now recommends, got more attention than any other.

A plan to privatize ABC stores has stolen the headlines. It would take Virginia out of the liquor business, but losing the enterprise would also leave a $47-million hole in the state's budget. A hole the Governor Bob McDonnell says could be filled by some of the other proposals.

Here's a snap shot of what's on the table: How about heading to work four days a week? The committee recommends some state agencies adopt a four day, 10 hour work week. The proposal excludes police, jails and colleges. It's estimated the savings would come from less over-time, travel and a dip in the light bill.

The committee also wants to drive more people to the state website. It recommends a plan to offer more services online.

The state also wants to create service centers - one stop shops for citizens. Meaning you could one day do more than take care of your license or vehicle at the DMV.

The committee also found $30-million in surplus properties that could be sold. And it's recommending that corporations be allowed to put their logos on state license plates. The company's pay a fee - the state collects the extra money. The committee also recommends doing away with the state's toll free phone lines.

Again that's just one of more than a hundred recommendations the governor will spend the next few weeks sifting through.

The committee will issue a final report in December, then it's up to the governor to decide whether or not to recommend these changes to the General Assembly in January.

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