Chesterfield neighbors ask NBC12 for help with speeders

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – We answered calls from people living in the Salem Woods neighborhood. You may be familiar with the community. We reported on its traffic troubles earlier this year. Despite help from the county, neighbors say dangerous problem still exists.

You're not seeing double. You're seeing twins. Sisters Kay and Fay--- two pairs of eyes that keep watch on two roads that border their corner lot.

"It has just become a very dangerous situation," explained Kay Survello.

We thought we had to take Kay's word for it. With no spot for our camera to hide cars slowly stopped, obeying the three-way stop. But then we saw a guy on a scooter who putted through the crossing without delay, like he did nothing wrong.

If someone rolls through a stop sign is that really bad? "Yes," answered Fay Godwin. "They're breaking the law."

Salem Woods neighbors have paid for extra police patrols. The county recently approved an additional fine for speeders. While the sign isn't resonating with some, Banetta Jackson's mom got the message.

"Because I know when my mom saw that sign, she was like, 'well I'm not going to speed around here,'" said Banetta Jackson.

The 15-year-old was walking home from school when she explained her fear for the area.

"I walk to the park and there's cars coming out of nowhere," said Jackson. "It's very dangerous right around here." Have you ever seen people just blow through them? "Pretty much. Pretty much all the time."

In a Chesterfield police traffic study 740 were logged going through Old Warson in one day. More than 25% of them were caught speeding. And that number doesn't even include those who failed to stop.

You think he's going to stop? "He probably will stop but he was going too fast," said Survello.

The matching sisters say cops are doing all they can. Kay and Fay say speed bumps may be the only way to get people to slow down.

"I think sometimes, 'man I hope that car stops. Because it's going to come in my bedroom,'" said Fay.

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