INTERVIEW: Meet the Candidates; Legrow hopes to win Randy Forbes' seat

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – He is the man hoping to knock off incumbent Congressman Randy Forbes. Wynee Legrow is Democratic nominee in the 4th District and he is our next guest in our First at 4 "Meet the Candidates" series.

Ryan Nobles: Wynee, thanks for being here.

Wynee Legrow: Thank you for inviting me.

Ryan Nobles: For voters that don't know you, you are a retired physician. You practiced in Emporia for more than 29 years. What made you decide to run for Congress?

Wynee Legrow: Well, over the past decade, I never considered this until the last decade and now I just observe some of the things that were going on; we got into a war in Iraq which I didn't think we should ever have gotten into. And I mean I've always been interested in science and watching what's going on with global climate change. I'm convinced it's real, and I'm convinced that it's caused by human beings burning fossil fuels, and Congress has just not adequately addressed it.

Ryan Nobles: And you talk a lot about the environment in your campaign. I wonder where your stance is on clean coal, because obviously coal is an important part of Virginia's economy. Do you think that clean coal is possible and is it something the government should be encouraging the investment of?

Wynee Legrow: Well, clean coal is sort of an oxymoron, really. I mean, there's nothing in practice that really makes it work. I certainly think it's something that needs to be investigated, you know if you can capture the carbon some place, that's fine. If it's something that we should work toward, but I mean, we need really green energy, renewable energy, primarily. Because clean coal is far off.

Ryan Nobles: Do you think that the cap and trade bill that's been hotly debated in Washington is one of the answers towards a more sustainable energy package and a cleaner environmental in the United States?

Wynee Legrow: I think that's one viable possibility - that or some type of carbon tax. We can't simply say we're going to give everybody a cut in taxes and that's going to solve all their problems. That is one approach that I think needs to be seriously considered, yes.

Ryan Nobles: As a former physician, I'm interested in your stance on healthcare. The healthcare bill is obviously very hotly debated in Congress. Your opponent very much opposed to it. Do you think the healthcare reform act was appropriate?

Wynee Legrow: Ryan I think it was appropriate. It was a good start. There are a lot of changes that I would suggest. I mean, the public option is something that I certainly would have favored. The education of the public on end-of-life care is something I think could save money in the long run. I think the pharmacy - I think there needs to be bidding so the price of drugs will come down. I think there are a lot of ways it can be improved, but I think it's a good start and I mean, my opponent was against healthcare for the 9/11 survivors, so we differ on a lot of things.

Ryan Nobles: All right. Dr. Legrow, we appreciate you being here and good luck in the election this November.

Wynee Legrow: All right. Thank you very much.

Ryan Nobles: We should point out that Congressman Forbes will join us next week to talk and give his response to Dr. Legrow's interview.

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