Hanover couple creates home inventory program

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - While today brought some rain and even some thunder and lightening in the early hours of the morning, this isn't the type of day that insurance companies are going to have their phones ringing off the hook for claims, but it's the perfect time to think about something like taking inventory at your home.

Kevin Hamilton and his wife Diane own Binary Formations, and they say selling a product to help inventory your home is personal.

Kevin Hamilton says, "as I started buying more guitars because I'm a guitar collector, I thought well maybe I need to document this stuff, and that's sort of where it came it from."

Diane Hamilton says, "I have a family member who was hit by Hurricane Isabel in 2003, and that was prior to our product, they didn't have a home inventory; they lost their house to flooding."

Along with the software, the Hamilton's are really selling advice on how to plan for the future.  The program also helps you keep track of your insurance policies to make sure you have enough and the right coverage.

Kevin says, "you want to document that in advance before something happens; in fact, you want to do it before you even go in and buy your insurance policy."

People are starting to take inventory seriously.

This start up company had five customers five years ago, and now has nearly 4,000.

The Hamilton's product is only for MAC, but Diane hopes everyone will get something similar.

Diane says, "if you don't have a MAC, go find a piece of software that runs on windows; it's that important, just to be prepared."

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