16-year-old shoots over stolen skateboard

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - In Chesterfield shots were fired between two teens and it was all over something as simple as a stolen skateboard! This happened in the 7200 block of Buck Rub place around 4 in the afternoon, while other children were outside playing. We saw about 10 children playing in the corner of the neighborhood where this shooting happened.

The victim in this case was not hit but he told me, he never thought trying to get his skateboard back could have cost him or other kids in the area, their life.

"I noticed someone was on my porch and my skateboard was missing so I went across the trail to tell him to give me my skateboard back and he had a gun," said skateboard owner, Dillon Bohannen.

18-year-old Dillon Bohannen says he was just trying to protect what was rightfully his when he came face to face with a 16-year-old armed robber. Something as simple as his skateboard was snatched in the middle of the afternoon.

"I thought they were crazy I don't know! I had no idea!" said Bohannen.

The suspect stole the skateboard off the front porch then went running into the woods. He was confronted in the woods by the skateboard owner and shot several times at the ground before taking off. The gunfire was enough to grab the attention of nearby neighbors.

"To me it just sounded like firecrackers going off really and I thought it was off over in the distance in another cul-de-sac," said neighbor, Zachary Hicks. "I didn't know it was down here."

Hicks has 4 children who play in these streets and in the woods where the shooting happened.

"And then to find out it was gunfire? I'll be honest with you I'm pretty alarmed," said Hicks.

"There's a lot of kids here. There's a lot of kids that are running out around. That's why I'm glad we got him," added Bohannen.

Dillon tells us police arrested the teen gunman and another accomplice around the corner at a nearby burger king. He still hasn't received his skateboard back. He tells us that he did not know the teen shooter and that police determined the suspect did not live in the neighborhood.

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