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By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Wrong information maybe circulating about 12 on Your Side's effort to fly Nile Price to Texas so he can meet the bone marrow donor who saved his life. A viewer attempted to make a donation at a local bank, but the teller told her, 'It's a scam'.

That viewer immediately e-mailed NBC12 and we appreciate that. Wachovia inadvertently gave out wrong information, and we want to quickly clear it up so Nile will keep receiving donations for this all important trip. There was some confusion over the type of account that was set up.

"I read the story about Nile and was just really touched by it," said Chrissy Cannady.

Chrissy drove to the Wachovia on Brook Road, and felt good as she wrote her check.

"The courage of the young man going thru the experiences that he's had to go through and also the generosity of someone almost half a country away who was willing to help out," she said.

Helping to raise money to send the 14-year-old to Houston to meet Laura Klubert in person. It's rare a person of another race has the perfect bone marrow match to cure an African American of sickle cell anemia. Chrissy took documents to the bank she thought she needed, but was turned away.

"I gave her the printout of the story and I also gave her the printout of the email that Diane Walker had sent to me and gave her the check. She said she wasn't familiar with it. Went over to the window to check and then came back and told me it was an internet scam and gave my check back to me," Chrissy said.

Wachovia says the teller was being cautious - and scams do happen, and they are on the rise. The teller was looking out for the person wanting to donate money. Here's what happened: the bank system did not display an assistance account under Nile Price. The original teller incorrectly setup a savings account -- which meant the information was not shared with Wachovia tellers everywhere.

We're just glad Chrissy followed through and alerted us. She's satisfied and is still making a donation to help.

"I didn't think it was an internet scam," she added. "I'm just hopeful that he gets to go and we get to see the follow up story of him having a great time."

Here's the account information if you'd like to help. It's the Nile I. Price assistance fund, in care of Pastor Noah Mitchell. Wachovia has educated all its tellers -- they're ready to accept donations at any Wachovia location.

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