UPDATE: Gas leak in Fan District causes evacuations

By Ben Garbarek - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A contractor was working in the alleyway between the homes in the 2000 block of both Monument Avenue and Grace Street today when he cut a high pressure gas line, causing a leak.

The gas leak started after a contractor cut a high-pressure line in an alley way between the 200 block of Monument Avenue and Grace Street.

Monument Avenue and Grace Street are back open and there's only a handful of crews still on trying to restore gas to houses remaining in this area. The entire area was evacuated for about two hours, including 60 to 80 homes.

Fire crews say the breezy conditions helped dissipate the gas. Utility crews had to wait for each resident in this block to come home before the gas can be restored.

They are waiting for the last remaining resident to come home so they can restore that gas and there's no timetable right now for when they might be able to finish up that work but hopefully it might be soon.

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