UPDATE: Deadly accident kills two on I-95 South exit

By Andy Jenks

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New details are emerging in a high speed crash that killed two people Wednesday night.

Daniel Dietz, 40, of Quinton, and Penny Stanley, 40, of Richmond, died when Dietz lost control of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro going more than 110 miles per hour.

Investigators believe Dietz was driving so fast, in order to avoid the Chesterfield Police. Court papers also show he wasn't allowed to be driving a vehicle at all.

Crumbled up like a wad of tin foil, the remains of the Chevy Camaro sit idle, in a junkyard. Just hours earlier, the car was on the lead lap of a high speed path through midnight traffic.

Police say the Camaro was actually stopped at the intersection of Route 10 and Jefferson Davis Highway with its four-way flashers on. When a police car came up from behind to offer assistance, that's when the Camaro took off North, on Jefferson Davis Highway.

Dietz, the driver, made a loop, from Jefferson Davis to Route 288 and back down on I-95 south. But the car careened so badly out of control, that Dietz and Stanley died instantly on an exit ramp.

Chesterfield police had already called off the chase, because the vehicle had long been driven out of sight.

It raised more than a few questions, including, why was the driver was so eager to avoid the police?

Court papers reveal that in 2007, Dietz was recognized as a habitual offender, and was directed not to drive a motor vehicle. His lengthy history of charges include driving while intoxicated and refusing a breath test.

Even so, at least one man who knew him said Dietz was a good person.

"I respected that man, he was hard sometimes, but he was still good to work for," said Donald Jaciuk.

Friends also say, for many years, Dietz made his name in the metal business.

"If I wanted any of my work done, he'd be the man to do it," Jaciuk said.

But now it's linked with an ill-fated decision, and two lives, now lost.

State Police say Dietz and Stanley were not wearing their seat belts. Chesterfield Police say their officers acted appropriately by first pursuing the vehicle, then calling off the pursuit when the Camaro sped out of sight.

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