Suggestive photos of congressional candidate posted online

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - She wasn't very well-known until about six hours ago, now a Virginia woman running for congress is in the national spotlight. Pictures revealing of Krystal Ball were plastered over dozens of political web sites Tuesday afternoon. They show her posing suggestively with sex toys.

In an interview with NBC12, Ball said that she is the victim of coordinated attack, designed to knock her campaign off track, just as it was gaining momentum.

The photos are not what you'd expect from a woman hoping to be elected to Congress. And Krystal Ball knows it.

"This is not certainly the way I would hoped to be portrayed," she said.

Ball is a 29-year-old first time candidate. She has the Democratic nomination in a race against Republican Rob Wittman.

The photos appeared on two different Republican blogs before going viral. She is dressed in suggestive costume, leading a man, she says is her ex-husband around the party on a leash. Her ex-husband has a sex toy strapped to his nose.

Ball admits it is her in those photos, taken just after she finished college.

"I think we all have been to parties in our life," Ball said. "I think we've all had photos taken that we wouldn't want to be in the public eye."

She called the party a "gag" not a revelation into who she really is.

"It's not indicative of some crazy life or something like that."

Instead it has revealed a different emotion.

"I'm angry at the way women in this country are unfairly treated in this regard when they step up and run for office."

Woman like Sarah Palin and Delaware's Christine O'Donnell. People Ball doesn't agree with, but she still feels were unfairly targeted.

Ball knows she has been hurt by the pictures, but it's not enough to push her out of the race. Despite the odds, she still thinks she can win.

"We will be victorious on November 2nd."

Meanwhile her opponent, Rob Wittman has personally asked Republican bloggers to take the photos down.

"Rob is adamantly opposed to (the photo's) display," said Casey Werderman, Wittman's campaign manager. "We have asked that they be removed so that we can continue to discuss the issues important to the folks in the first district."

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