Woman called 12 about overgrown ditch in Henrico

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) –When overgrown vegetation became a safety concern, a Henrico woman called 12 for help. She says the county couldn't send a public works crew for 6 months. 12 on Your Side checked out her problem and got it resolved today.

NBC12 just got off the phone with Assistant Public Works Director Chris Winsted. The over grown ditch was competing with pothole repairs back in April, but Winsted says Public Works is all about serving residents.

The 10,000 block of Three Chopt Road…a unique area the county says because the right of way is wider than typical and when vegetation grows wild, it's blinding.

"You just can't see. And the cars are right up on you so fast," said resident Sandi Karagiorgas."You think the way is clear and it's not. You get ready to turn left and somebody's right up on you."

Leaving her driveway resembled an obstacle course; poor to no visibility because of overgrown weeds and bushes. An accident waiting to happen, Sandi says.

"There have already been 8 accidents out here for different reasons but this is going to make it worst," she said. "It's dry now, but when we get rain it smells bad in summer."

The deep trench outside her property line belongs to the county, and Sandi says it's not consistently maintained and although she's tried, she's not able to do the job of public works.

"I've been thru cancer and stuff. I'm 61-years-old. The ditch is just so steep and everything, holding the lawn mower and trying to pull it back up. I just can't do it anymore," Sandi said. "I don't want to get on that hill. I have no health insurance and if I fall and break a leg, you know, I don't know what's going to happen."

No argument from Henrico County, when we called. It agreed there's a sight distance, visibility problem with the vegetation in the public right of way. Around the lunch hour Tuesday a crew showed up. Now the brush cleared is away, with plans to cut the grass in the ditch next week.

Here are some numbers, to keep handy if live in Henrico. Call 727-8300 for Henrico's West End Depot. For the East End, the number is: 652-3975. Crews are ready to help. We're told if you have a pothole problem, blocked pipes, or a ditch line that needs cutting.

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