Woman passes on $300 to non-profit

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – In today's Acts of Kindness a young scholarship recipient and aspiring entrepreneur gives back to the local non-profit that gave her a whole new outlook.

"I was actually on your website checking the actual daily news and I came across this Act of Kindness," said Requel McKeever.

25-year-old Requel McKeever says at that moment she knew.

"I know some people who deserve this," she said.

Requel McKeever: "Yes Ma'am, It's Flagler Services at St. Joseph Villa and they help homeless women and children in the community."
Sabrina Squire: "This is very close to your heart. Why?"
Requel McKeever: "Yes because at one point in time in my life I was actually homeless. I've been through a lot."

Requel lived several months on the St. Joseph's campus. A few years after graduating from Norfolk State University she hit hard times. By then a single mom, she came home to Richmond.

"It didn't feel like home anymore," she said. "Family had dispersed; I didn't have anywhere to go."

At Flagler she found her way again.

"They provide housing, parenting skills, workforce group, they have an array of programs just to help with basic life skills," Requel added.

And she earned a place in a local MBA program.

"They've partnered with the University of Phoenix so I was one of the scholarship recipients and that's the icing on the cake as to why I really feel like, this is huge. They deserve to be recognized."

Sabrina Squire: "Requel, I have 100, 200, 300 dollars for your Act of Kindness,"
Requel McKeever: "Alright, thank you so much Ms. Sabrina Squire."
Sabrina Squire: "Thank you so much."

The Brook Road campus of St. Joseph's Villa is just a five minute drive away. Requel hopes to surprise the staff that welcomed her with open arms. Flagler services are funded by grants, foundations, corporate and individual donors. Requel happily makes her donation.

Requel McKeever: "For all of your kindness and all you do for the women and children that's homeless in the community; helping us and giving back is what I'm so grateful to you for and I want to present you with the money..."
Kimberly Tucker: "And you just started working right?"
Requel McKeever: "It's 100, 200, 300 dollars. Thank you Ms. Tucker."
Kimberly Tucker: "Well thank you Requel, that's so wonderful. We're so lucky to have you here. You've been so uplifting for the program."

The Program Director, Kimberly Tucker, says the money will directly serve clients.

"Sometimes people need money for uniforms just to start a new job, they need shoes or outfit, they need something to pay a registration fee for a new job or application," Kimberly said.

On a quick tour we learn hundreds of mothers and more than a thousand children have been given a fresh start through Flagler. The motto here is never stop believing....people do have the power to change course and grow.

"Requel's always thinking about the future, she's always thinking about giving back," Kimberly said. "We knew when she came in; when she came in I said she'll be running the place in a few years."

If you'd like to extend an "Act of Kindness," remember it can't be a relative and you must pass it on to someone deserving within one hour.

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