Mother of dead teen speaks out for the first time

By Laura Geller - bio | email

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) – The mother of a Goochland teen killed in the middle of the road two weeks ago spoke out for the first time Monday night.  There is still a cloud of mystery surrounding the death of Billy Lee Maxwell.  His mother is frustrated no one has been charged yet.

Christina Maxwell spent the day posting reward fliers in every single store in Goochland.  It has been more than two weeks since her son was killed and she has not given any interviews.  She agreed to talk to NBC12 because she wants to keep the spotlight on Billy's story.  She still doesn't know what happened to him.

Maxwell fights back tears at the mention of her son's name.  It is near impossible to put her grief into words.

"We don't have closure," she said.  "We won't have closure.  My son's life is over but the person who did this to him is not.  Theirs is not over."

The early hours of September 18th after her son Billy struggled to find a ride home from a party are still baffling.

"The unknown is very, very scary," she explained.  "The waiting is torture."

The 17-year old was found lying in the middle of Broad Street Road.  The medical examiner's report lists a crushing head injury as the cause of death.  We've just learned police believe Billy got that injury at the scene and it was apparently caused by a vehicle.

One thing Maxwell has found out about that night is that her son was finally given a ride by two girls who for some reason dropped him off.   One of the biggest questions that remains though, is how he ended up on a road miles from home.

"I don't know why he was walking the opposite direction from home but I think he was trying to get home," she said.

He never made it and the incident that caused his death has left police very little evidence.  Those who live nearby told us they thought they heard some sort of collision around 2:45 that morning.  At this point though, no one has come forward.

Now, Christina Maxwell has a long list of questions she never thought she'd have to ask.

"I just want to know why you left my baby on the side of the road like this," she asked.  "Why would you leave him like that?"

The Maxwells are offering a reward on top of the traditional Crime Stoppers payment.  Given the dark road and late hour in which this incident happened, the family knows there are few people who can help.  If you have information call the sheriff's department at 556-5349.

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