Halloween candy comparison: Know what you're paying for

By Jennifer Warnick - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  Before you head to the store to buy that Halloween candy, here's food for thought. Candy is packaged in many varieties, from 8 packs to jumbo size, but as we discovered, bigger is not always better.

If your family is anything like mine, we fill up one these each year for trick or treaters. But I noticed that you need to pay attention when you head to the store. Oh, and bring a calculator.

We start at CVS where Reese's Cups are sold in three different sizes. The largest package is sold for $4.99 and contains 26 pieces of candy. That averages out to about 19 cents each. The next size down is half the price of the jumbo. You can expect to get 14 cups at a cost of 18 cents a piece. But the best value is the smaller 8 pack. On sale for 99 cents, the cost per candy is 12 cents.

At this rate you could buy five 8 packs for under $5 and you'll get 14 more pieces than you would with the jumbo pack.

We would be remiss without Snickers this season, so we went to see what Martin's Food Markets has to offer. They have two different size Snicker's bags, an 11 ounce and a 19 ounce.

The bigger bag sells for $5.99. The smaller bags are on sale two for $5. If you bought the bigger bag, you would pay a $1 more for three ounces less of Snicker's.

But maybe you want some variety in your choice of chocolates. Target has almost an entire aisle dedicated to variety packs. But while fishing though this sea of sugar, pay attention. For $9.99 you can get 80 Reese's Cups and KitKats, but for that exact same price, there's a similar multipack that boasts 100 -- 20 pieces more for the same price.

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