Paved road eases concerns of Chesterfield community

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Ask and you eventually shall receive. Some Chesterfield parents are thrilled a school bus can finally drive through their neighborhood.

The county just paved Eppes Falls Road in the western part of the county.  The 1 1/2 mile stretch of road was too narrow for a school bus.

For more than a decade Eppes Falls Road was a doozy to drive through. School buses couldn't even make it down the road. Parents would have to bring their kids a mile and 1/2 up to River Road. But now it's paved and kids can be picked up at their home.

The roar of a school bus is a brand new sound for the small neighborhood. For years, the dirt road was just too narrow.

"And if we had a big rain it could wash out an entire section of the road," explained homeowner Clay Underwood.  He and his wife have petitioned for a paved path for more than a decade.  Friday they got their wish.

Have you driven up and down it yet? "Yes," said Underwood.  How does it feel? "Beautiful! It's nice not to be jarred all the way down the road."

Along with the new pavement homeowners are excited about the new traffic signs that indicate speed limit and sharp turns.

But before the signs and the smooth street neighbors say the road was dangerous. Deep punctures in Eppes Falls Road forced drivers to swerve along the way.

"And it would just be nice to kind of ride a bike and not have to worry about someone swerving to miss a pothole," said Underwood.

Only 70 vehicles drive through each day. But with a historical marker, the Eppington House, at the end of the road, pavement equals progress.

"And I think more and more people are going to come out and visit the plantation," explained neighbor Ramona Jacobs.  She baby sits two kids. Until today, their strolls were limited.

"The worst part was the dust," said Jacobs.  "When we had the dry conditions, dust came across our yard. It looked like a dust tornado."

for the first time, Clay Underwood's property is bumpier than Eppes Falls Road.

"It's about time," said Underwood.  "It's about time."

The cost for this road project was $225,000.

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