Are offers for a free iPad legitimate or internet scam?

By Gray Hall - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – How would you like a free iPad? There are commercials running on the radio about a website offering the devices for free. We did some digging, and the Better Business Bureau says free may not always be what you think.

Tom Gallagher says, "The photo quality is just phenomenal." Gallagher with the Richmond BBB just got his new iPad, it wasn't cheap.

Gray: "In my mind, I can't imagine someone giving this away for free."

Tom: "It just doesn't happen, this was $800."

When we told him about a website called claiming to give away the fancy technology for free. He told us consumers should be cautious. He says, "If somebody is advertising that you can get a free iPad, a free computer, a free car, I don't care what it is, there is a cost associated, somebody has got to be paying for that."

We went to and it didn't take long us for us to figure out there were lots of terms and conditions. We printed out several pages of instructions and among the things you must do is participate in 13 sponsor offers.

Some require you to sample and or purchase products or obtain a loan and the rules point out you must complete all the sponsor offers that require you to sample and purchase products.

Gallagher says, "What I want us all to remember is that we are not going to get something for nothing, that if somebody says something is free, and you have do anything - maybe even's not free."

Gallagher admits he hasn't gotten any complaints about the site and doesn't know what will happen if someone actually follows the website terms. He adds if you visit the site, be sure to read everything and know what you are getting into.

He says, "I think the onus is on you. I don't think it justifies the use of the term free or that impression, but if it is there, we can protect ourselves, it is there, it said read it, it tells you to do it and it spells it out, well how sympathetic can you be for someone that gets taken by that."

We have reached out to the website about the free offer and we are still waiting to hear back from them.

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