Vigil held for murder victim

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Police are still trying to determine if a hit and run suspect is guilty of murder. Meanwhile, the family of 25-year-old Katrice Robertson remembered her life at a vigil Thursday night. Robertson was found dead behind her Chicago Avenue home late Monday night and only one person is facing charges related to the murder. As the rain came down tears were shed Thursday night.

It's a scene we've seen all too often, but for the family and friends of Katrice Robertson, the pain is felt through every embrace.

"Trice was an angel and a child of God," said Katrice's grandfather. "She killed an angel."

Thursday night's vigil was held while police have charged 22 year old Tawny Hamlet with felony hit and run. Police believe she hit Katrice with her car and left the scene. Still, no one is charged with her murder.

"I'm glad that she was caught but I hope justice be served because it was senseless for what happened to my sister to happen to my sister," said Chaunte Robertson.

"The smoke has gone up into the sky and we've already claimed in the name of Jesus that 'Trice's soul has gone to heaven," said vigil organizer, Alicia Raisin.

"As the days go on it gets better but you have your moments where you just breakdown and you can't take it no more," said Chaunte Robertson. "If I could say anything to my sister I would say I love you because I should have said it. If I knew what was going to happen I would have said it but I love you I miss you."

Chaunte had hopes of saying those words on Katrice's 26th birthday next week. Thursday's vigil was a reminder that she'll never get that opportunity.

Witnesses described the vehicle they believe hit Katrice which led police to charge Hamlet with felony hit and run. If you have any information about the murder give crime stoppers at call at 780-1000.

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