State money going to renovate Richmond houses

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The collapse of the housing market left many empty and foreclosed homes.  Now a program in Richmond aims to put new life into some of these homes and some neighborhoods.

The City of Richmond has been allocated nearly $2.5 million from a state agency to fix up foreclosed and abandoned houses in the historic Church Hill, Highland Park and Barton Heights neighborhoods.  Residents say every dollar helps.

"It makes the house look better," said long-time Church Hill resident Bobby Brown.  "It makes the community better, so it's a good thing."

Some say Church Hill is the perfect place for this program.

"Church Hill is a neighborhood in transition and has been for about 15 years," said Waite Rawls of the Church Hill Association.  "There are a lot of home that have not been fixed up yet.  They might be vacant, they might be boarded up, but they need to be fixed up."

The program will also sell these homes to new homeowners in lower income brackets.  Some residents say home ownership encourages people to keep up their homes.

"You say, 'OK this house is good, it could be even better if I was willing to put my own money into it,'" he said.  "We're seeing an awful lot of that in Church Hill."

Other residents say fixing up homes one at a time will help Richmond grow.

"If we can get each community to improve like this, it'll make our city grow a lot better," Brown said.  "We'll have tourists come in and visitors come in and the city will look good for that."

Here's a list of houses already being renovated:

Church Hill:

  • 2614 P Street
  • 1309 N 23rd Street
  • 822, 824, 826 N 27th Street
  • 1220 30th Street
  • 1425 N 32nd Street
  • 1305 N 37th Street
  • Highland Park:
  • 3600 Delaware Avenue
  • 3315 Florida Avenue
  • 1030 Fourqurean Lane
  • 3020 Garland Avenue
  • 509 Gladstone Avenue
  • 1805 Rose Avenue
  • 1700 4th Avenue
  • 1201 Spruce Street
  • 1203 Willow Street

Barton Heights:

  • 206 Home Street
  • 1802 Monteiro Avenue
  • 3023 Montrose Avenue

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