UPDATE: Huge pothole closes lanes of I-95 north in Chesterfield

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The left and center lanes on Interstate 95 north near Route 288 (mile marker 62) are expected to remain closed through the evening as the result of a large pothole in the center lane, according to VDOT.

Crews are installing drainage pipes under I-95 this afternoon and tonight to divert subsurface water from the damaged area. This will allow maintenance crews to make temporary repairs to the pothole.

Permanent road patching will take place at a later time as these materials are unable to cure properly in damp weather. VDOT's goal is to have all travel lanes open by morning rush hour tomorrow.

I-95 north drivers can expect heavy delays, particularly during afternoon rush hour, as traffic merges to one lane. VDOT encourages northbound through traffic to use I-295 north and local traffic to use Route 1 north to avoid congestion.

"If you fill the pothole in inclement conditions, the water will mix in with the asphalt or concrete and it wouldn't repair quick and repair as needed," says Taya Jarman with VDOT.

That means not even a lull in the rain will help. We need conditions to dry up for some time before crews can repair the pothole.

That pothole is about six inches to a foot deep. It's been causing a problem all morning long and it may stay that way until tomorrow.

We caught up with Chris King, who was stuck in the traffic on I-95 for about two hours.

"It was ridiculous man. I was in the traffic for two hours. People were not merging like they should making it even worse," says Chris.

Chris tells us he had to actually call his work and tell them he was going to be late because of the traffic backup. Around 10 a.m., the traffic was backed up for about four hours.

At this point, crews do not know why the pothole formed. We do know that pothole formed near another pothole that caused quite a bit of problems earlier this year.

While we were on scene, we saw a clogged drain nearby. But, VDOT crews say because the pothole occurred in the middle lane, the drain did not cause the problem.

As soon as VDOT updates us with new information, we will bring it to you.

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